My Journey

SONY DSCI have always thought I knew my destination and the way to reach there. However, as I am starting to write my daily progress of the journey called life, I always get rolled aback. I am beginning to realize that I’m nowhere. It seems like I’m stranded in a desert or in a deep sea. I have to find my way out of this maze…. What is the real Goal? Is it this point, where I am now? No, it should not be.

Our life is nothing but a journey to an unknown destination. The road is also not straight and smooth as we desired. Unexpected barriers make our journey challenging which is not easy to overcome. So we have aims in our life, we try our best to fix a target which is more easy to achieve. We can say we are successful in the short run, but in the long run? It’s difficult to evaluate. In real life, we are not alone; we are accompanied with people of the universe, which is labeled as globe, nation, society, and then family which is the core of the living world.

I am grateful to the Almighty who gifted me with a lovely family and trust-able friends. Their love makes me strong to accomplish my journey. I have to reach my ultimate target point. Do I know it? Is it fame or is it something else like happiness and mental peace? Could it be possible to reach in our short duration of life or there need to be another world?